Hosting Free Advise   Please read this short bit here to get an idea of how it works, Its not a 100% true description because I’m trying to explain quickly in Layman’s Terms so no emails trying to correct me, (I know how it all works thanks), Firstly If you want to have a website on the internet you need a hosting service who own lots & lots of special computers called servers, Which are switched on and connected to the internet  24/7 - 365 days so your website it can viewed any time someone wants to see it, so you will have to put your site on a hosting server, But don’t Panic we can do this for you its pretty painless and needn’t cost a fortune, What about free hosting sites or my free space with my ISP (your broadband operator, Orange, BT internet etc.) Best Advice I can give is if you are running any sort of business or you want lots of visitors to your site Never Use A Free Service, Its very complex but for lots of reasons all the big search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest) skip all free hosted websites . In my opinion Its not even worth considering free hosting, I use I find they give good service and excellent value for money offering Unlimited Server Space, Unlimited Site Traffic and impressive uptime, All you need to know this is a good thing, and most others aren’t so generous with space and traffic you can also pay in Pounds, Euros or Dollars if you need to. the ads on this page are direct links to the Just Host website. Server Space = The amount of allocated room for your website on the hard disk (the more the better) Site traffic = if you have too many visitors they switch you off (Unlimited is best) CPS Designs We are different, But in a good way.
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