We recommend JustHost See hosting page for info & price Lets Keep It Simple.  Firstly I have written this site as best I can for novice reading, But the nature of the beast is at some point it will get confusing but I will help you through the whole process so you can skip them bits if you like !! Website: You want a website quick, No problem but think carefully this will be your shop front (first impression and all that) so you need to get it right first time around as continue changes to your site could prove expensive. have a look around the internet and send us the sites you like the look and feel of, and we can build your site along the same lines with the style or colours etc. Hosting: Your website has to be placed on a special computer called a server where everyone on the internet can see it, you need this service everyone else with a website has it as well (Prices vary but the good news is its not too expensive) I use a company that give a good service and are cheap see hosting page for more details. CPS Designs We are different, But in a good way.
If you have a website you will need hosting Have a look around This site has been designed for easy browsing, so have a look around it wont take long and it might help you understand a little more about getting ready for your new website. Add to your Favourites