You’ve already got a website !  but if it looks old and dated this could have an effect on your bookings.  So what’s the price !! 5 page site with text & photos from £150.00 includes optimising the photos to make them web ready (quick) and any extra pages over the 5 in the package will cost £25.00 each Conditions are you supply all wording and photos for the site content plus any other information like contact details phone numbers etc. Why its important to have a Website.  You have already answered your own question by reading this and visiting my site. Never under estimate the power of the internet you could have clients looking for your services but cant find you, yellow page books only cover local area and your clients could come from anywhere be it world wide, have you had American visitors before ? they cant contact you if they cant see you. Its important that you advertise yourself and business in the right places, lots of younger people won’t book or do anything unless its through a computer, mad as it may seem that’s the way it is now with most bookings taken via the internet can you afford to just sit there view it as an investment. We offer some extras to add to your website such as. Availability Calender, Direction assistance page See the Special Options page for more info. CPS Designs We are different, But in a good way. How Much Will it Cost?