Websites for Charity, Clubs & Hobby’s Club and hobby sites on the whole are normally only need a few pages just to say, Who you are, Where you are, and what you do. Plus contact details meeting times, Rates / costs etc.  Site Content (All the words & pictures for your site)   Although we can advise on wording, The best person to write the content (all the text) for the website would be you because you know what you are explaining to visitors, and you then have full control of what is displayed on the website, you then forward that to us and we place it on the website. How much will it Cost !! A standard 3 page website, Home page, Main page and Contact page All with text and pictures costs £90.00 you can add more pages if you chose to at £25.00 per page. CPS Designs We are different, But in a good way. Show Me an Example Website. Here is a standard small website suitable for Clubs, Hobby sites or Charity site like fun runs etc. Our only conditions are you supply all wording and photos for the site content plus any other information like contact details phone numbers etc. Click Here to see.