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Your Website Needs
Make sure you know what sort of website you would like, looking around on the internet at other website can
help inspire, save the site or write down notes on page set up, colours that you want, any special fonts etc.
Think about what text (Content) you would like on the site, don’t forget keep it short and to the point,
also Names, addresses, telephone/fax numbers and other details, ( GPS positions and or Goggle map)
At the end of the day the your new website has got to work for you
whether its a stand alone page or full blown site but making the site is only half the story, read below.
SEO - What’s SEO !
Its stands for Search Engine Optimisation, in layman terms getting your site ready and on search engines
listings so when some one types a word associated with your website your site is listed and people can then
click on the link from goggle or other search engine sites to your website.
This is only a brief description its a lot more in depth that that, and with millions of websites fighting to get
on the first page and large businesses paying big bucks for placements
getting your site anywhere near the top pages can be a struggle unless you to pay big bucks.
But not all is lost its possible to get a good position getting lots of hits with SEO work and
fine tuning your site.
Need a website
Whether you need a New website or Updating your old site we can help you,
we use a number of different methods to get the results you want,
manly covering small to medium  businesses such a Gite and B&B owners,
and services like Builders, Plumbers, Cattery’s, shops etc.