Caring for Property Safeguarding Investments
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Got a project in mind but need help realizing it !
At some point you will need some outside help,
you can’t expect to do it all yourselves !!
Even though many TV reality shows have you think its easy.
The truth is it’s not,
and its even harder to get projects finish here in France
with the mid day closing at 12:00 to 2:00 at DIY shops and
builders yards can slow things up,
Late deliverys are the norm, on time deliverys are a shock !
And trying to get dedicated people to turn up for work
or return after a 2 hour dinner is another hurdle,
I take my work seriously and committed and respect my clients,
I have a good reputation  and want to keep it that way.
Garden Makeover
Cut & remove Trees
Clear the ground
Lay patio etc.
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Land & Pond clearing
Cleaning out pond
Cutting out Bamboo
Started to look
We even clean up after !
Small trees removed
Stumps trimmed or removed