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Please Note:
We DO NOT Cover Any
Medical or Motoring

Emergency Problems ?

I can normally sort out most things for you.
broken windows, shutters, doors, metalwork, woodwork
Small roof leaks, etc

Things to do before calling:

Please make a note of the Problems and or Damage,
Think about what work you require us to do
(Temporary / Full repairs).

Have your details ready

1) full Name
2) Telephone numbers
    (Mobile & Fixed line)
3) Both Addresses
    (UK & French)

This will save time as we CAN NOT continue
without this information.

Emergency Contact

There is a Charge for this Service
 Cost & Terms Here

Please Note:
We NEVER ask for Bank or Credit Card Details.
(Never reply to emails asking for any such details)

Contacting us

Due to the ever increasing collection of personal DATA from web harvesting Bots we have been reduced to only displaying our email address (encrypted)

Once we confirm a genuine enquiry,
We have no problem in passing on our details and then you can contact us via:
Email, Land line or Mobile phone (French).
Please Note, As I am out and about working most days so Email is best for me

We never pass on any customer details to anyone.
We never ask for Bank or Credit Card details.
All our transactions are by Cheques or Cash.

To contact me by email just click below.

General Data Protection Regulation
This website does NOT use Cookies in any form
so you are safe to continue browsing our Website,

Your Email Address
If you contact us we do ask for an email address as a form of contact
but this will be deleted if of no further use and will never be passed on
to third parties.

This website is

We are here to help you !
You only have to email us

EU France Page