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Medical or Motoring

Emergency Problems ?

I can normally sort out most things for you.
broken windows, shutters, doors, metalwork, woodwork
Small roof leaks, etc

Things to do before calling:

Please make a note of the Problems and or Damage,
Think about what work you require us to do
(Temporary / Full repairs).

Have your details ready

1) full Name
2) Telephone numbers
    (Mobile & Fixed line)
3) Both Addresses
    (UK & French)

This will save time as we CAN NOT continue
without this information.

Emergency Contact

There is a Charge for this Service
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Pool Care and Maintenance

Cleaning your pool is a must to ensure comfort for you and your guests and to protect your equipment. To clean your pool you need to have the right tools and more frequent cleaning will be needed if the pool is surrounded by trees or bushes that keep filling it with leaves.

If you would like me to take the headache of cleaning and balancing the water
please contact me and I will arrange a visit.

I have placed some info below for general reading.

pool maintenance

"Nice clean pools don't just happen on there own ask any owner,
It take a lot of time and effort to keep them sparkling"

dirty pool

Pool Water

There are many contaminants that can pollute your swimming pool. Some can cause illness or skin irritations, others can cause discoloration of the water or unwanted odours but are not harmful to health, below is a brief overview but by no mean the full list.

Why has my pool turned green?
Your pool will only turn green for one reason - lack of chlorine. What you really need to be asking is why is there no chlorine in your pool? The answer could be one or more of the following;

pool cleaning

How long should my pump run for?
Your pump and filter system has been matched to the size of your pool so that the total water volume is recirculated roughly twice a day. In most cases this means running the pump for about 6 hours during the winter and about 8 hours during the summer.

What is the best time to run my pump?
In a saltwater pool the chlorine is manufactured by the chlorinator as the pump is running, providing a "trickle feed" into your pool. Since chlorine is affected by UV light it can disappear as quickly as it is made if the pump is running during the day. For this reason it is generally recommended that the pump is set to run in the early mornings and late afternoons when the sunlight is not as strong. I usually set the timer to 3-4 hours from 6am and another 3-4 hours from 4pm.

Is my pool leaking?
Evaporation rates can be quite high, especially during the summer season when they can reach up to 1cm + per day. As the summer gets into full swing people are often alarmed at how quickly the water level drops, in most cases it is just evaporation. A simple test can answer the question for you:- fill the pool to the correct level and then make a mark with a pencil inside your skimmer box at the water line. Check this mark each day over the next few days and measure the drop in water level. If it is more than the current evaporation rate then there may be a leak, if you have a friend in the area with a pool maybe you can check both pools at the same time and compare reading, They should be the same.

Is there too much chlorine in the pool?
If there is a strong smell of chlorine around your pool then there is probably not enough chlorine in there. Insufficient chlorine levels result in compounds called chloramines being formed which is what you can smell. The way to get rid of them is to super chlorinate or "Overdose" the pool with chlorine. But before you do check instruction for the correct dosage for your pool.

What is causing my kids eyes to sting?
The most likely cause of this is an incorrectly adjusted pH level. Whilst a very high chlorine level could be at fault it is very unlikely that the chlorine could climb high enough to be a problem. Take a water sample to a pool shop for analysis, to do a full checkup and balance of your pool. Remember too that opening your eyes under water for any length of time, no matter how good the water, is going to irritate the eyes.

The pump is making a noise.
This could be a number of things. What sort of noise is it? If it is a gurgling kind of sound then the water in the pool is most likely too low and you will need to fill it up. If however the sound is a loud whining or screeching then most likely the pump will need to have the bearings and/or seal replaced, or full pump replacement depending on make and model.

Tip: Cleaning Plastic Furniture

If you have any plastic outdoor furniture, Firstly hose off any loose dirt And then gently lower it into the pool (Be very careful if you have a liner type pool) then leave it in the pool overnight.
And in the morning it's nice and white again!
this is an easy and good way to clean the plastic, Brilliant !!